Fabriano Inaquarello, and Sperlonga, Italy, April 2019

Updated: Mar 2

My trip to Fabriano, Italy, a big watercolour festival, a massive gathering of watercolour masters, artists and art lovers from across the world, was nothing short of life-changing.

It was a fiesta of demos, lectures, plein-air painting, music in the square and beautiful paintings from all corners of this planet. It was a delight to meet so many artists who breathe and live watercolours.

As I stood there in the center square of Fabriano, painting on a giant sized paper along with so many others, I dreamt of being part of this once again.

Beautiful hall exhibiting paintings

The Indian Team!

Painting on the giant, long sheet

My painting at Fabriano

After Fabriano, we took a painting holiday to the costal town of Sperlonga, about midway between Rome and Naples. It's is a medieval village built atop a cliff overlooking a stretch of the Mediterranean known as the Tyrrhenian Sea. More art demos, a lot of exploring and plein-air painting, more music and the company of wonderful multi-talented artists.

I sat reflecting on the 2 weeks I spent in Italy, as I watched the sun rise over the sea at the beach on my last day there. As these words flooded my heart and mind, I scrambled to write them down...

As I leave Sperlonga

The moment passes but the feelings linger

The Heart feels like a rock thrown into the deep

Sinking slowly in slow motion

You can feel each beat for an eternity

In another time and place…

It’s not going to be the same again

I’m not going to be the same again


In another time and place maybe…

Why does it feel like I’m losing something or someone

Won't it go back to being the same

As before?

Do I really want it to be like before

In another time and place maybe…

- Shikha Garg

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