Finding your sketching mojo with Sanjay Desai

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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In my second episode of STUDIO DIALOGUES, I had a really inspiring conversation with the wonderful Sanjay Desai. He shares his experiences during his childhood & growing up years of being in and out of studios of some eminent artists. His early exposure led him to observe the value of working with passion and dedication at one's craft.

Sanjayji's description of why a habit of sketching is important and how it leads one to develop as a better painter is nothing short of fantastic and I for one have pledged to follow his suggestions!!

You are welcome to join me in my 100 day self challenge on Instagram if you feel equally inspired! We sketch for 100 days daily using the hashtag #sketchwithshikha.

To understand Sanjay Desai's choice of sketching subjects and what makes them uniquely helpful, watch the full video.

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See ya soon!

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