In conversation with Milind Mulick on what inspires 'The Beautiful Mind'!!

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I'm back on Studio Dialogues with this very dear (to me) interview, with the one and only Milind Mulick. Son of a well-known illustrator and painter, Pratap Mulick, Milindji has been drawing since the age of 5 and started doing watercolour landscapes at the age of 13. He has participated in many group shows throughout India, and have had 20 one- man shows in Mumbai and Pune. His paintings are in the collection around the world. He has 13 books published on the subject of art and watercolour and is a well know teacher through his workshops and classes.

In this conversation Milindji talks about his childhood artistic influences as well as the artists who have inspired him along his career. He shares his experiments of marrying music with art and how it inspired him and opened up the mind to new ideas.

Watch the entire interview and find many beautiful images of Milindji's works, a demo of a fantastic cityscape and very enjoyable guitar strumming by him!

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