Painting intuitively & spontaneously with Stella Canfield

Updated: Apr 8

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In this episode of STUDIO DIALOGUES, I'm in conversation with Stella Canfield, a Bulgarian - American watercolor artist. Stella's art is known for its deep emotional content, the dynamic of the brush stroke and vivacious colors. She creates intuitively and spontaneously in a relaxed, natural way of expressing her individual emotional response to the subject or scene she paints.

In this interview with me, Stella shares her very eventful life journey, her career path from Sports teacher to Watercolor artist and teacher. Her warmth and exuberance for life is evident in her words as well as her paintings. She shares many invaluable gems on her thought process and painting process with us.

To watch this wonderful conversation, do catch the whole episode on Youtube or hear the podcast on the go! Don't forget to subscribe, comment on YouTube and let me know if you'd like me to have a conversation with an artist of your choice!


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