Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hashtags, followers, likes and hits

They are but an illusion of well being

But real conversations with real people

Can be like a warm blanket around you

If only you would bother to ask

Their words and warmth could touch you, heal you....

- Shikha Garg

If you love Art from the core of your being, you enjoy the company of like-minded creators, you are in the right place! Stay with me for some interesting conversations with artists you love or will come to love. I will share insights into their journeys, their mindsets, and their creative processes. Above all let's just get talking!

This past year we have all been pretty isolated due to the pandemic. Even though most artists spend a lot of time in their studios alone, including me, we still missed out on the human interaction that we had in pre-covid times. Never would I take that for granted...

While it was good to connect with long lost friends and relatives on zoom and the likes, we lost out on personal experiences that only travel and social interaction in the real world can offer.

So I thought to myself - what would I love the most at this time? The singular answer (beyond the desire to meet) was that I'd love to have conversations with my fellow creators, heart to heart, about what motivates them to create, what fuels their imaginations and passion for art, above all, about who they really are as people...

So here we are. Presenting to you all


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