Decoding the process of learning watercolours with Vikrant Shitole

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

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In this exciting episode of STUDIO DIALOGUES, I'm in conversation with Vikrant Shitole, a watercolour artist from Maharashtra. Vikrant talks about taking up art as a profession and how rewarding it can be! He has given many tips on how to approach learning watercolours if one has not been through art school and yet want to take up art as a profession.

Vikrant emphasizes the importance of sketching and painting live and the accelerated effect that it has on an artist's growth. Vikrant tells us about the importance of finding a suitable mentor and getting the correct feedback and critiques from them. He also talks about building patience and perseverance as skills while learning to watercolour.

To watch this wonderful and informative conversation, do catch the whole episode!

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